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Benefits with Circuit Tree :

  1. Generate your circuit board design schematics and board placement in less than 5 minutes
  2. Export the schematics in popular CAD formats Eagle, Altium,Cadence Allegro (Upcoming Feature) or mentor Pads (Upcoming Feature)
  3. Get Real Time cost from Octopart for your component build.

Processor Interface


adc 8async_nor 1async_sram 1can 2ddr3 1display 1i2c 3i2s 2jtag 1lcd_parallel 1mdc 1mii 2nand 1rgmii 2rmii 2sdhc 3spi 2sync_nor 1uart 6usb2_differential 2

Orderable Part No:


Part Information:

Texas Instruments Sitara Processor series


Texas Instruments

Advanced features which can affect how the circuit is created :

Choose Boot Sequence○  Enable Boot Sequence as UART0:SPI0:NAND:NANDI2C○  Enable Boot Sequence as UART0:XIP_wWAIT_MUX1:MMC0:NAND○  Enable Boot Sequence as EMAC1:SPI0:NAND:NANDI2C○  Enable Boot Sequence as USB0:NAND:SPI0:MMC0○  Enable Boot Sequence as USB0:NAND:XIP_MUX1:SPI0○  Enable Boot Sequence as FAST_EXTERNAL:EMAC1:UART0:RESRVEDChoose Boot Memory○  Select NOR as Boot Memory○  Select NAND as Boot MemoryChoose ECC Controller○  ECC done by ROM○  ECC done by NAND Deviceclock input source○  Use external source as clock input○  Use crystal source as clock input○  Use external source as RTC clock input○  Use crystal source as RTC clock input○  Dont connect RTC clock inputChoose Ethernet interface○  Enable Ethernet in MII Mode○  Enable Ethernet in RMII Mode○  Enable Ethernet in RGMII ModeChoose Power on Hours for device with revision code A and newer○  Nitro Mode○  Turbo Mode○  OPP120 Mode○  OPP100 Mode
Start Your Embedded Board Design With

Circuit tree introduction

Circuit tree is a circuit board design software application having intelligence of a hardware engineer to create embedded circuit board designs. It features more than 1000+ processors and controllers along with extended hardware peripheral library.

Here is a introduction video to circuit tree


Professionals have used circuit tree to create
Electronic designs saving then hundreds of hours.